Canadian Open Tomorrow

The years biggest Canadian grappling event kicks off tomorrow. training is done. Rest up, team, and good luck. I’ll post our results in the evening.

Again, here’s the location for competitors and spectators: Sherwood High School, 24 High Street, Hamilton, Ontario (Map). Unless you want to catch the children’s divisions, I suggest that spectators show up at about 11 am. First it’s the gi divisions, then later it’s no-gi.
The Official Site:


Jeff Joslin Gets The Call

To sum it up briefly; Jeff Joslin – our coach and head of Alliance Canada – will finally fight in the UFC. On December 13th he’s gonna face Josh Koschecklive on Spike TV, part of the Ultimate Fight Night.

This has been hell. Keeping the secret, I mean. A week ago, Jeff revealed to us before training that he had spoken to UFC match-maker Joe Silva, and that he’d been offered the Koscheck fight. Things weren’t signed yet. Can’t jinx it, can’t blurt the news. I can now yell it in capital letters: JEFF JOSLIN WILL FINALLY GET HIS SHOT IN THE UFC! This is huge.

Koscheck is the guy who always gets booed when they show him on camera. He appeared on the first season of the UFC reality show, and though he didn’t win it all, he’s gone on to tear up the welterweight division. It will be a tough debut for Jeff. Stylistically, I think it has the makings of a great fight.

In December the secret will be out – and broadcast nationally: Jeff Joslin is for real.

May training go well.


Moriarty Wins ADCC Trials

As I predicted, Chris Moriarty (Alliance – Team Jacare) won the North American Abu Dhabi trials in New Jersey, last night. Chris defeated top U.S. grapplers such as Justin Garcia and Rick McCauley to earn his spot at the upcoming world championships of submission wrestling next spring.

Way to go Chris!

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I am going to get a post-ADCC trials interview with him shortly, so he can share with us his experience.

See Y’all on the mats!


Jeff Joslin: Apex Champion

Only minutes into the first round, Jeff stopped his opponent, Nuri Shakir, by TKO. He becomes the Apex Welterweight Champion.

Rowan Cunningham submitted both of his opponents en route to winning the welterweight tournament.

Great work, guys!


One Week ‘Til Jeff Fights

With the hardest training already behind him, Jeff Joslin goes into the final week of preparation for his fight at APEX: A Night of Champions. Instead of fighting Colin O’Rourke as was previously reported, he’s been given a golden opportunity to fight for the vacant Welterweight title. His opponent: Nuri Shakir.

I heard, from those in attendance at his last fight, that the cheers and support were deafening. This time we have over twice as many fans busing down to Quebec – each fan twice as crazy. Now, I’m no mathematician, but that’s going to be a lot of craziness.

Good luck to Jeff, I fear for the health and safety of your opponents.

Read Jeff’s latest interview here.

Canadian Open Approaching

It’s that time of the year again. Every fall sees Canada’s largest Brazilian jiu-jitsu and grappling tournament take place; the Joslin’s Canadian Open. I’ve been both spectator and competitor at the event and can attest to its magnitude. This thing is HUGE. Though I think it’s time to move into a larger facility (ie. the Rogers Centre), the Joslin’s never fail to put on a well run event. Two rings and extra seating have been added so that everything’s efficient, as usual.

The When: November 12th, 2006,
The Where: Sherwood High School, 24 High Street, Hamilton, Ontario (Map).
The Official Site:


Joslin Returns

To the ring, that is. I’m a little late on this announcement. So if you don’t alreadyknow: On the 14th of October he will face Colin O’Rourke at Apex: A Night of Champions. It’s been over a year since his last fight.

Also appearing from the Alliance team will be Rory McDonnell, facing the ever elusive opponent, “TBA”. And former alumni of Joslin’s MMA, Rowan Cunningham, fights in the openning round of the Apex Welterweight tournament.


Tarsis Takes Gold in Sao Paolo

Tarsis Humphreys, Alliance black belt under Fabio Gurgel, just won his weight division and the absolute weight division at the Sao Paulo State Federation. He went on to fight another competition the same day where he won at his weight and took second in the absolute, losing only to Gabriel Napao by 2×6. Tarsis had 11 fights this weekend! Also Cobrinha won the middle weight, since there were no fights in his category and got third in the absolute. Congratulation to Alliance fighters that won this weekend!


I’m Pleased to Announce…

Kitchener: our training schedule has expanded with the addition of Friday evenings! We have been pushing for this mat time for a while now. Starting this Friday September 1st at 6pm. Bring your gi.

With the additional day, our membership pricing plan is changing, but not by much. You can now chose between a few options; Bronze, Silver and Gold memberships, for training once, twice or three times a week respectively. It breaks down like this:

GOLD—3 Classes a Week—$75/Month
SILVER—2 Classes a Week—$60/Month
BRONZE—1 Class a Week—$45/Month

1 Single Class—$15
Trial Class—FREE


Garcia Seminar In Toronto

Marcelo Garcia is returning to Canada for a two day seminar September 9th and 10th. Day one will be gi techniques, day two is no-gi.

From Baleia:

“Each day will be aproximately 3 hours in duration. The price for the 2 day seminar will be $160.00 for both days or $90.00 for one day.

This is a small investment to make to learn from the number one grappler in the world and add techniques to your arsenal — for the die hard competitor or the instructor trying to create himself the next champion.

The seminar will take place at the KOMBAT FITNESS GYM in Toronto. 875 St Clair Ave. West 3rd Floor. Check out for more info on the facility.”