Holidays Schedule

Hello everyone,

There will be no classes on Saturday December 24th and Monday December 26th. Classes resume on Tuesday December 27th.

The New Year’s holiday schedule will be as follows:

-No classes on Saturday, December 31st

-Classes resume on Monday, January 2nd

Happy Holidays and have a great New Year!

More Promotions

Great class tonight everyone! Kevin achieved his purple belt, and there were also many other stripe and belt promotions! Great work everyone! You all deserved it, and your hard work has payed off. This is an amazing achievement for all of you. Congratulations!

Today’s Grading

Congratulations to everyone who achieved their promotion at this evening’s grading. You all did a great job and your hard work has payed off. This was all well-deserved. What exciting performances today!




Ontario Provincial Championship Results

Great performance at the Ontario Provincial Championship in Markham on Saturday December 10th 2016! Our team took the fourth place in the overall ranking of the teams in the tournament. Great job everyone! This a great accomplishment!



Great Work at Today’s Class

Great class today everyone! There were two new stripe promotions! Congratulations to Alex and Scott for being awarded their stripes. Excellent jobs guys! You worked very hard for this and it is great having these hard workers at our gym. Congratulations!



New Belt Promotion

There was a new and special promotion today. Congratulations to Josh for working hard and achieving this very well-deserved new belt promotion. He was the first one to join the young grapplers class and he as kept working hard since then. He has performed well in the competitions he has attended as well as during every class, thus being an excellent training partner and great member.

Congratulations Josh! Keep up the excellent work.


Thanksgiving Schedule

Hello everyone,

There will be no classes on Saturday October 8th and Monday October 10th.

Classes will resume on Tuesday October 11th.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

New Stripes Awarded

Congratulations to Darian, Mike, Jordan and Tom for being awarded new a stripe on their belt. Great work guys! Your hard work has rewarded you with a great accomplishment. Awesome job!

This was very well-deserved guys!


More Promotions Tonight

There were two more promotions at tonight’s class. Congratulations to Christian on his first stripe promotion and to Brent on his second stripe promotion! Excellent job guys, your advancements were very well-deserved. Congratulations!


Jacare Seminar Overview

Hello everyone,

What a great day of BJJ training yesterday. It was an awesome seminar! We were very happy to have the opportunity to experience a seminar taught by a Brazilian jiu-jitsu legend. There were many insightful and effective techniques taught by Master Jacare, as well as some decent rounds of sparring and drills. Our gym’s head instructor Dragan Konjevic was really thankful and privileged to be awarded a third-degree black belt by Master Romero Jacare Cavalcanti. Also, congratulations to Jeff Joslin, head instructor at Joslin’s MMA, on his third-degree black belt, and congrats to the guys for achieving their belts: Ryan on his purple belt, and Zack, Brandon, Mike and Stephen on their blue belt.
Thanks everyone for coming and supporting us and the guys who took the extra time to drive here from London, Hamilton, Chatham, etc.
Hope to see everyone again soon.

To see more photos from the seminar, click here.