The gym is located at 420 Weber St. North #F1 in Waterloo, Ontario. It is also about a few blocks from Wilfrid Laurier University as well as the University of Waterloo and their surrounding residences. Our gym is also highly accessible by public transit as there are many bus stops around it which serve many different bus routes of Grand River Transit

For an interactive map of the location of the gym and its surrounding area, click on this link

Our training facility has a very large mat space equipped with punching bags, chin-up bars, pull-up rings, skipping ropes, muay-thai pads, and cardio equipment. In addition, our gym has a large change room with two showers, as well as a refrigerator that stores water bottles and protein bars available for purchase.

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For information about special events, seminars, or holidays, please visit the News Section or our Facebook Group Page. Beginners or anybody interested in training with us should plan to arrive about 10 minutes before the scheduled start time in order to get started.

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Advanced Class = Three or more stripes.

Beginner = Under Three stripes

* Private lessons are available outside of class time. Please enquire.



*A free trial class is available

*A sign-up for a 3- or 6-month membership afterwards is required

3 Months Unlimited = $270

6 Months Unlimited = $480

1 Class Drop-in — $20

Young Grapplers = $75/Month, $210/3 Months

*Students’ and Law Enforcement discounts available*

Private lessons for Alliance members are $60/hour

Non-Alliance members pay $85/hour for private lessons.