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Law Enforcement  Training Courses

April 2nd & 3rd, 2012 Alliance Dragan BJJ will be hosting a two day Defensive Tactics course for Tactical Police officers. Dragan has work with various Police Serives in the past. This intensive two day program was designed and created to be used by tactical police officers who often have to defend themselves in unique circumstances including:

• Close quarters with poor lighting
• While wearing 40-80 pounds of additional kit
• With one available arm due to the presence of the officers long gun
This program incorporates both standing and ground fighting techniques which have been tried and tested in theatre. By the conclusion of the course, officers attending will have a strong knowledge base of tactics to subdue and attacker while:

• Ground fighting from the back
• Ground fighting to cuffing from the top position
• Fighting in a close quarter situation
• Defending while maintaining control of a long gun (One free hand)
• Fighting in 50 pounds of kit

This course is open to currently serving Police Officers but was designed for Officers assigned to units where one may expect to carry a Carbine or MP5 and/or heavy tactical kit in their day to day functions. With the recent explosive popularity of MMA, BJJ and other fighting arts, Police Officers need to train harder than ever to stay ahead of the game. Don’t fall behind!
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