Great Results at Two of the Toughest Tournaments in Canada

Only a few months after earning her purple belt Angela took bronze at theAbu Dhabi Pro trial in Montreal. She competed in the combined purple/brown and black belt division. This is one of the most prestigous tournaments in Canada and bronze is a great accomplishment.

Dave also competed last weekend this time at London Adreneline’s – 32 Man Absolute Championships. The event was staged inside the Agriplex at the Western Fairgrounds as part of the Sports and Recreation show. Dave also took the bronze medal. Here is one of Dave’s matches – 32 Man Showdown – Dave Knowles vs Chris Lee Byrne

Great Job both of you.

NAGA Toronto – Team Results

Congratulation to Us!
Huge congratulations to those that complete as we did GREAT thanks to you …

We took 1st Place in Gi, 5th Place in No-Gi and
3rd Place in the Combined Team overall!
Update: The trophy arrived!!

Toronto NAGA Team Results North American Grappling Association

1st Place in Team GI
5th Place in Team No GI

1st Place Dragon BJJ 310 
2nd Place Pura BJJ 280
3rd Place Bruckmann 270
4th Place Ascension 260
5th Place Top Star 240
6th Place Nova Uniao 220

1st Place Xtreme Couture 550
2nd Place Pura BJJ 510
3rd Place Grant Brothers MMA 400
4th Place Nova Uniao 350
5th Place Dragon (Alliance BJJ) 310
6th Place Shah Franco MA 250

*Results are not yet official 
Overall Adult Team Champion: Pura BJJ – 790
2nd Place Overall Adults: Dragon BJJ – 620
3rd Place Overall Adults: Nova Uniao – 570


Congratulations and Great work!

New Belt Promotions!!

Congratulations to Angela, Kevin and Chris that all got belt promotions at last weekends team training. The test was tough but the endured and proved that their jiu-jitsu had progress to the next level. Angela got her purple belt and Kevin and Chris were both promoted to blue.

I think everyone had a great time. Thanks to the people who came out from London and Hamilton and I hope to see you all again at the next team event.

Team Training

Team training and grading will be Sunday 11, December. This team training will be in Waterloo at 10:30 AM. If you are coming from out of town here are directions.

First NAGA event in Canada

The first ever North American Grappling Association tournament happened last Saturday and Sunday. NAGA is known to hold many of the biggest tournaments in the US and it is great to see them finally in Canada. Dragan BJJ had a very good showing and most people that competed took home a medal. Hopefully we win a team trophy but we wont know until the official results page gets updated in a few weeks.

Here is a list of our competitors:


  • Andrea – third place (She got bumped to the expert division)
  • Kevin – second
  • Dave – second
  • Joe – third
  • Bill – second



  • Andrea – first
  • Kevin – first
  • Dave – second – Adult
  • Dave – second – Masters
  • Tony – third
  • Patrick – second
  • Chris – third

Great Results at the Provincials

This past weekend the 2011 Provincial Jiu Jitsu Championship was held. Dave-Provincial-Champ-2011
We took three medals in the Absolute division. Dave won gold in the purple belt absolute and bronze in his division. Natalia won her division and took second in the absolute. Rob also won his division and took 3rd in the nogi purple belt absolute. Kevin took third in gi and second in nogi. With only a few competitors we managed to take fourth place in the nogi team rankings. Great job everyone that participated!

Big Tournaments Coming Up

Firstly, the 2011 World Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi Championship is on November 5th in Long Beach California. Rob is going and hopefully Alliance will keep our roll going after winning the Worlds and the Pan-Ams this year. Anyone who wants to watch on pay-per view can find it
Locally we have a couple tournaments. 2011 Provincial Jiu Jitsu Championshipis the weekend of November 26th and 27th. On December 3rd and 4th there is the2011 NAGA Toronto Grappling Championship Nogi on Saturday and Gi on Sunday.

Next Team Training Oct 8th

We have a team training coming up very soon. Saturday Oct 8th at 10:30. This one will be split part way through between MMA and BJJ for anyone interested. The MMA training is optional and there will be a BJJ class on at the same time. Training is in Hamilton at Joslin’s MMA and it is free as always.

ADCC 2011 This Weekend

The greatest submission grappling event on earth is happening Saturday and Sunday September 24-25 in Nottingham, England.
ADCC 2011
The two main event superfights are Braulio Estima v Ronaldo “Jacare’ Souza andRenzo Gracie v Mario Sperry. The rest of the divisions have so many great competitors that I can’t begin to fit them all on the front page but I did post a list on the forums.Click here for a link to the ADCC page. The official site has breakdowns of the brackets by Kid Peligro. Also if you are interested in watching the event Budovideos is broadcasting a HD stream pay-per-view.