Great Class Tonight

Great turnout for today’s class everyone. The mats were full! It was awesome! We had a good session of training with new techniques being taught as well as some tough rolls.

Keep it up everyone!

Great Day of BJJ Today

Hello everyone,

Today was a great day of training. I, Dragan Konjevic, am really proud to have promoted Dave Knowles to a black belt. He is a great student and always honest. His black belt journey has begun and I will be there to assist him just as I did from the start.
Also, congratulations to Bryan, Johnny, and Craig on achieving their purple belt.
It was great to see everyone there and thank you for making this a great day of BJJ training and for the ones who were graded.
Thanks again to everyone and hope to see you back on the mats.


Ontario Open Results

It was a great weekend for us at the 2016 Ontario Open International Jiu-Jitsu Championship in Brampton!

Congratulations to Zack and Adam for both winning a gold medal.  Also, congratulations to David for winning a bronze medal, and to Bryan for winning his first two tough matches. He won the silver medal. There was also an amazing efort made by both Patrick and Stephen during their matches.

Great work everyone! It was a great tournament.


Bryan winning silver

Adam winning gold


Stephen, Dragan, and Zack, who achieved a gold medal