We Have Video At Last

Well, here it is; video of my latest matches at the Canadian Open. Special thanks to Ben Kane who, not only shot the footage, is also the one who cut these clips. Thanks must go to Shayne Sholdice who provided a secondary camera angle when it was needed. See the video on Google or download the high-quality versions (big files).

Legal disclaimer: opponents of mine may not use this footage to study my attacks or risk facing litigation.

Video 1: No-Gi Quarter Finals

My opponent seemed to be very athletic and fast, difficult to hold down. And it may also account for my failed takedown attempt. Of course I’m happy with the end result. One day I hope to own people with Karelin-esque wrestling dominance. *practices suplex*

Watch it on Google Video
Download the high quality version

Video 2: No-Gi Semi Finals

This turned out to be my hardest match of the day, and the most tiring. It is the only match that went the distance. The triangle choke was too much on his face, and not the neck. I couldn’t break his freakishly powerful grip and switch to an armbar. That, and my legs were tiring. For all the conditioning you do leading up to a competition the intensity of a match is a whole different beast. I think you have to find ways of coming as close as possible to that level of intensity. When I watch the video it doesn’t even look that intense. There were so many little, invisible battles going on – struggling for inches.

Watch it on Google Video
Download the high quality version

Video 3: No-Gi Finals

A mix of luck and opportunism. When he was going for my arm I thought, “thank god, this won’t be another long-ass match”. Benny’s choice of music is deadly cool. A few details: This was the VERY LAST match of the entire day, which is why there’s hardly anyone around in the background – just some people cleaning up! The truth is, I had a lot of supporters positioned behind the camera. It just looks funny. Over 600 competitors there, and I get the final match. Also, while we’re fighting for grips he accidentally slaps me in the face (or not so accidentally…? Hmmm…). And finally, notice after I pick up Dragan, and he lands, he does so on his injured leg. Jeez, that guy really goes through a beating for his students.

Watch it on Google Video
Download the high quality version

Video 4: Gi Semi Finals

I got a bye in the quarters – which I don’t like. I like to earn my way. That, and have a chance for more cool footage! This guy felt crazy-strong. Tough to break his base. Hardest guy to sweep all day. You can’t see the finish too well in the video (only had one angle). I managed to land a reverse triangle from north-south and then lock his left arm.

Watch it on Google Video
Download the high quality version

Video 5: Gi Finals

About a week earlier I saw a video on youtube of Imanari demonstrating a falling/rolling kneebar and decided to try and spring it on someone. Didn’t work. Damn. I threw the whole book at this guy and he kept escaping. This is my favourite match of the day.

Watch it on Google Video
Download the high quality version


Alliance Dominates

I was amazed to see the turnout at this years Canadian Open, spectators and competitors alike. The official number of grapplers far surpassed the numbers of last years success; over 600 I’m told by those in the know. Team Alliance hit the mats with high spirits, going strong until the final match of the day (ahem… which was mine – circa 8:30 pm – 12 hours after I had weighed in). In total Alliance left with four championship belts, over 6 silver medals, a couple bronze medals and a many respectable outings in huge divisions (30-50 men brackets). Special thanks to our coaches, Jeff Joslin and Dragan Konjevic, respectively. Couldn’t have done it without you.


P.S. I will try to have video of my matches online by Tuesday night Wednesday Thursday Friday… stay glued to your seats! Oooooh…

Canadian Open Tomorrow

The years biggest Canadian grappling event kicks off tomorrow. training is done. Rest up, team, and good luck. I’ll post our results in the evening.

Again, here’s the location for competitors and spectators: Sherwood High School, 24 High Street, Hamilton, Ontario (Map). Unless you want to catch the children’s divisions, I suggest that spectators show up at about 11 am. First it’s the gi divisions, then later it’s no-gi.
The Official Site: joslinskarate.com


Jeff Joslin Gets The Call

To sum it up briefly; Jeff Joslin – our coach and head of Alliance Canada – will finally fight in the UFC. On December 13th he’s gonna face Josh Koschecklive on Spike TV, part of the Ultimate Fight Night.

This has been hell. Keeping the secret, I mean. A week ago, Jeff revealed to us before training that he had spoken to UFC match-maker Joe Silva, and that he’d been offered the Koscheck fight. Things weren’t signed yet. Can’t jinx it, can’t blurt the news. I can now yell it in capital letters: JEFF JOSLIN WILL FINALLY GET HIS SHOT IN THE UFC! This is huge.

Koscheck is the guy who always gets booed when they show him on camera. He appeared on the first season of the UFC reality show, and though he didn’t win it all, he’s gone on to tear up the welterweight division. It will be a tough debut for Jeff. Stylistically, I think it has the makings of a great fight.

In December the secret will be out – and broadcast nationally: Jeff Joslin is for real.

May training go well.