Noon Classes Start Tuesday March 24th

Some good news everyone!

There will now be noon (12 pm) BJJ open classes on both Tuesdays and Thursdays starting on Tuesday March 24th, 2015.  We hope to see you there!

Grappling Industries Tournament

On Saturday March 7th at Ryerson University in Toronto was the Grappling Industries tournament. We got numerous medals by our hard-working and strong competitors. Tony achieved a gold medal in the gi as well as the no-gi division, and Rob achieved a silver medal in the gi division and a gold in the no-gi division. In addition, Lamar got a gold medal in the gi division and Roger got a bronze medal in the gi division. As well, Mumbashir received a gold medal the the absolute open division. Congratulations guys! You all did great! There were about 65 members competing in the tournament; click here to see the competitors list:

Great work to all who competed! Keep training guys!