I’m Pleased to Announce…

Kitchener: our training schedule has expanded with the addition of Friday evenings! We have been pushing for this mat time for a while now. Starting this Friday September 1st at 6pm. Bring your gi.

With the additional day, our membership pricing plan is changing, but not by much. You can now chose between a few options; Bronze, Silver and Gold memberships, for training once, twice or three times a week respectively. It breaks down like this:

GOLD—3 Classes a Week—$75/Month
SILVER—2 Classes a Week—$60/Month
BRONZE—1 Class a Week—$45/Month

1 Single Class—$15
Trial Class—FREE


Garcia Seminar In Toronto

Marcelo Garcia is returning to Canada for a two day seminar September 9th and 10th. Day one will be gi techniques, day two is no-gi.

From Baleia:

“Each day will be aproximately 3 hours in duration. The price for the 2 day seminar will be $160.00 for both days or $90.00 for one day.

This is a small investment to make to learn from the number one grappler in the world and add techniques to your arsenal — for the die hard competitor or the instructor trying to create himself the next champion.

The seminar will take place at the KOMBAT FITNESS GYM in Toronto. 875 St Clair Ave. West 3rd Floor. Check out kombatfitnessgym.com for more info on the facility.”


Alliance Team News

The following was announced on nhbgear.com today by Alliance General Fabio Gurgel.

I’m writing this message to let everybody know what is going on here at the Alliance head quarters. From now on all the Tererê students , become part of our team. I’m very happy once that they were originaly from our school and came back because Tererê guided them to me. Tererê is not coming at this moment because he is moving to Natal city on northeast of Brazil) but we hope we can have him back soon.

Cobrinha, Leu and many other champions are already trainning with us.

Welcome guys!!!

Fabio Gurgel

This is huge news for the team. Alliance was at one point the top competing Jiu-Jitsu team in the world. It had some internal power struggles as does every team, but now has reinforced itself reuniting with many new students and former students.

Also, big congrats to Alliance Atlanta team member Chris Moriarty for an awesome performance at this past weekends World Gracie Championships. Chris competes almost every weekend and wins pretty much all of the competitions. He is Jacare’s and Traven’s student. Expect to hear more things from Chris and the Alliance team in the near future!

See you guys on the mats.

Another Canadian in Brazil

Alliance Canada blue belt Jurgen Rudolph left 2 days ago for sunny Brazil. Jurgen will be attending the Alliance Masters Camp in Buzios, Rio de Janeiro, which is organized by the legendary Alexandre Paiva. Also on hand for the camp will be the grand master of animal biotics, Orlando Cani. Jurgen became an animal biotics fanatic after his previous trip to Brazil back in 2004. To learn more about animal biotics and Orlando Cani visit orlandocani.com

Jurgen will be training Jiu-jitsu with Alexandre Paiva and several other black belts from the Alliance Team in preperation for the International Masters and Seniors World BJJ Championships. This is basically the “Mundials” or “Worlds” for the over 35 crowd. It’s a huge event. Great to see that Jurgen chose to compete in this tournament.

Even though I just got back, after a month being there, I can’t help but feel jealous. Buzios is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Good luck to you, Jurgen. Have lots of fun!

Garcia Wins Gold

This past weekend the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championships were held in Rio de Janeiro. Alliance superstar Marcelo Garcia took gold in the middleweight division, defeating the tough André Galvão in the finals. He’s one of only a handful of guys who dominate ADCC (Submission Wrestling/No-gi) and the Mundial (Gi). We’ve been lucky to have Marcelinho visit us at Alliance Canada numerous times. Not only is he one of the best grapplers on the planet, he’s also an incredible instructor. Look for Marcelo to visit again in the near future.