Great Work at Today’s Class

Great class today everyone! There were two new stripe promotions! Congratulations to Alex and Scott for being awarded their stripes. Excellent jobs guys! You worked very hard for this and it is great having these hard workers at our gym. Congratulations!



New Belt Promotion

There was a new and special promotion today. Congratulations to Josh for working hard and achieving this very well-deserved new belt promotion. He was the first one to join the young grapplers class and he as kept working hard since then. He has performed well in the competitions he has attended as well as during every class, thus being an excellent training partner and great member.

Congratulations Josh! Keep up the excellent work.


Thanksgiving Schedule

Hello everyone,

There will be no classes on Saturday October 8th and Monday October 10th.

Classes will resume on Tuesday October 11th.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

New Stripes Awarded

Congratulations to Darian, Mike, Jordan and Tom for being awarded new a stripe on their belt. Great work guys! Your hard work has rewarded you with a great accomplishment. Awesome job!

This was very well-deserved guys!