New Waterloo Gym

It’s about time I made an announcement regarding our expansion this New Year. The schedule is set and we’ve been quietly setting up shop in a brand new, extremely nice, huge-as-hell martial arts facility in Waterloo. The place has only recently been finished – you can smell that “new mat” scent in the air. Run by Aubrey Brawley and Michelle Janzen, it’s primarily a Krav Maga club. Aubrey contacted Alliance wanting to bring in specialists in all the areas of martial arts. Dragan leads the grappling charge, and they have a boxing camp with Syd “The Jewel” Vanderpool in the near future.

This is not an all-out move for Alliance in the K-W region. Rather, it’s more like am adolescent growth spurt – we’re not kids any more. Our head quarters are still located at 113 Charles St. W in Kitchener. The schedule has not changed either (still: Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 6pm). The training we now offer in Waterloo takes place on staggered days of the week; Tuesday & Thursday at 7pm, and Saturday @ 12pm. In addition, the Exclusively Women’s Brazilian Jiu-jitsu program happens at 11am, Saturdays.

For further information about the facility visit this site, where you can find pictures,maps, directions and membership info (or contact me with any questions regarding the BJJ programs offered. The information pages of this site will reflect the changes very soon. Eric out.