Alliance Team News

The following was announced on today by Alliance General Fabio Gurgel.

I’m writing this message to let everybody know what is going on here at the Alliance head quarters. From now on all the Tererê students , become part of our team. I’m very happy once that they were originaly from our school and came back because Tererê guided them to me. Tererê is not coming at this moment because he is moving to Natal city on northeast of Brazil) but we hope we can have him back soon.

Cobrinha, Leu and many other champions are already trainning with us.

Welcome guys!!!

Fabio Gurgel

This is huge news for the team. Alliance was at one point the top competing Jiu-Jitsu team in the world. It had some internal power struggles as does every team, but now has reinforced itself reuniting with many new students and former students.

Also, big congrats to Alliance Atlanta team member Chris Moriarty for an awesome performance at this past weekends World Gracie Championships. Chris competes almost every weekend and wins pretty much all of the competitions. He is Jacare’s and Traven’s student. Expect to hear more things from Chris and the Alliance team in the near future!

See you guys on the mats.

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