Jeff Joslin Gets The Call

To sum it up briefly; Jeff Joslin – our coach and head of Alliance Canada – will finally fight in the UFC. On December 13th he’s gonna face Josh Koschecklive on Spike TV, part of the Ultimate Fight Night.

This has been hell. Keeping the secret, I mean. A week ago, Jeff revealed to us before training that he had spoken to UFC match-maker Joe Silva, and that he’d been offered the Koscheck fight. Things weren’t signed yet. Can’t jinx it, can’t blurt the news. I can now yell it in capital letters: JEFF JOSLIN WILL FINALLY GET HIS SHOT IN THE UFC! This is huge.

Koscheck is the guy who always gets booed when they show him on camera. He appeared on the first season of the UFC reality show, and though he didn’t win it all, he’s gone on to tear up the welterweight division. It will be a tough debut for Jeff. Stylistically, I think it has the makings of a great fight.

In December the secret will be out – and broadcast nationally: Jeff Joslin is for real.

May training go well.


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