Thursday’s Gradings

This past Thursday was an amazing training session! There were 6 of our members who were promoted to a new belt.

Congratulations to Tim, Taylor, Aaron, Norbert and Alex on being promoted to a blue belt. Also, congratulations to Mike on his promotion to a black belt.

Great work, guys! Those are all great accomplishments!

Pan American Championship

Great news!

Congratulations to Aaron Edson for achieving a bronze medal at the no-gi Pan American BJJ Championships in New York last Saturday. It is an outstanding accomplishment in this high level tournament.

Great job Aaron! Your hard work has paid off, keep on training

Nextgen Tournament Achievements

Three of our members competed at the Nextgen tournament this weekend and they all came away with great results. Congratulations to TJ Pelkman on winning his division, and congratulations to Aaron and Milan who both brought home the bronze. Winning medals at tournaments and being great training partners are both accomplishments to be proud of and they have managed to do both. Great work everyone! Awesome achievements!

2018 Ascension Championship

We had a few of our teammates compete at the 13th annual Ascension tournament this past weekend. Everyone competing did a great job and the results were amazing . Congratulations to Hunter and Lee for bringing home bronze in their first ever tournaments. Also congratulations to Aaron who earned double gold medals at his first competition as a purple belt in the gi and Nogi divisions. TJ also fought a very great match. Great job everyone and congratulations!

Holiday Classes

There will be an open mat class at 11 am on Wednesday Dec 27 and 11 am on Thursday Dec 28. Come out for some holiday rolls! If a few people want to roll we can arrange an open mat whenever works. View our Facebook group page for holiday classes updates.

Note: The regularly scheduled evening classes will start up again on Tuesday Jan 2nd.

Happy holidays everyone!

Upcoming Seminar

There will be a Dragan BJJ seminar in London, at Bindner Jiu-Jitsu Academy, Saturday, Jan 20th. Details to follow on our Facebook group page.

New Stripe Promotions and Grading Tomorrow

Congratulations to the numerous members that got their  stripe promotions tonight. Hard earned and well deserved guys. See everyone tomorrow for the big grading!

Great work guys!

Jacare Seminar 2017

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Jacare seminar on Saturday November 11th! It was an honor for us to have Brazilian jiu-jitsu legend Romero Jacare Cavalcanti come to our gym.

New Stripes Earned Tonight

Congratulations  to Tyler, Jacob, Lee, Sifat, and Connor for earning new a stripe at tonight’s class! Its great to see everyone improving. Good job today everyone and keep training hard!